October 2007 saw the opening on the quay in Waterford city of the fourth shop brand in the Fitzgerald group, Fitz U

Tony’s focus has always been on aligning the customer needs with the company’s offering. Here, Fitz U’s emphasis is on the customer market between the ‘Heroes’ and the ‘Fitzgerald Menswear’ clothing range with a collection that offers a blend of casual wear in Markup Italia and tailoring alongside niche high fashion pieces in A Fish Named Fred & New in Town.

Everything we do is focused on the people we get to serve. From our dedicated kid’s lifestyle and tailoring collections to our vast suit attire and Wedding showroom, it is our passion to meet the needs of all ages.

Our business is not just about selling clothes and providing a talented, engaged service. Our dedicated team are about building relationships with the generations of families we have served over the last 60 years and on into the future.